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AP Land Records Adangals, Pahani, ROR 1B, FMB, Tippan and Ap lands

AP Land Records Adangals, Pahani, ROR 1B, FMB, Tippan and Ap lands
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AP Land Records Adangals, Pahani, ROR 1B, FMB, Tippan and Ap lands Free Download Procedure here at

The Government of Andhra Pradesh Revenue Department "Apland" presents the best service to the population Andhra Pradesh. To Know About "AP Land Records" The state government is exposing the service to citizens Andhra Pradesh know about Apland records and details of land in Andhra Pradesh, 1B FMB, ROR, ADANGALS, PAHANI, TIPPAN Download here

The official website (" AP Land Records")

It is to provide the best services in Andhra Pradesh (AP). This is a very happy news for the citizens of the PA main site This objective is to understand this information to all normal people too, because in this site all information Will display in Telugu language that normal people to also able to read and understand this information very easily.

Earth Ap recording revenues Copy and FMB Adangals Copy, Tippan, ROR, 1B Very useful for all landowners. launch new AP government land ap poll on the website of the supplier portal also income details.

It is very easy to download all the documents as Apland 1B FMB, ROR, ADANGALS, PAHANI and Land Records TIPPAN.When you download Internet Explorer is the best way to open this "www.apland.ap.nic" must always use Internet Explorer and other Web browsers also support the site, but we need to change the settings follow the simple methods to small Internet browser and type in the download Telugu fonts as fonts telugu download link below

AP Land Records

link click

Download AP Land Records Like Adangals,FMB,Tippan,Pahani,ROR 1B and Aplands It is Very simple follow the Below Steps:-

 1) Open Internet Explorer.
 2) Type URL
 3) Then you can find this image.
 4) Enter the below details like district, mandal, village names.

If you feel incontinent when you see Telugu fonts in District/Mandal/Village Select Boxes - Please Enable Font Download in your Browser Settings.

Goto Internet Explorer Tools Internet Options Security Tab Background-color Custom
Level Downloads-Font Download: Enable.


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